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Your New York City Public Advocate

An city-wide official, the New York City Public Advocate is elected in a city-wide election every four years. The Advocate presides at City Council meetings, serves on all committees and has the power to introduce legislation. This very powerful office is concentrated solely on assisting citizens with their problems with city government. It is the office that uncovers and reports on failed policies, programs and agencies. Additionally, the Public Advocate, or Ombudsman, develops and proposes answers to the the most pressing problems of the government. Serving as the people's voice in government, it is the Ombudsman's job to insure that the people have access to the highest levels of the government that spends their tax money.

This is a very powerful position in City government. This agency has authority over every other agency ad has the right to demand answers and action at every level. Staffed with experts in housing, homelessness, taxation, public works, transportation, education, minority rights, and a myriad of others, this organization serves the people of New York City in a very personal way. Getting involved at the individual level assisting people with their concerns and issues with City services is a daily occurence at the Public Advocate's Office. Working on behalf of large institutions is the way most government agencies work. The New York Public Advocate's office has as its mission the opposite of that. They serve the individual and their successes affect the institution.

Any citizen of New York can call the Ombudsman and get their own personal case-worker to assist them through the maze of City Government. Assisting individuals and communities gain better access to government is the mission of the New York Public Advocate's Office.


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