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New York Public Advocate's Office and Education

A very large portion of the time and energy of the New York Public Advocate's Office is dedicated to issues with Education. This office is very concerned with quality education for the children of New York City. Any time a parent has a serious issue with the Department of Education, the Public Advocate's office can help. There are many experts on the staff that can assist parents with cutting through the bureaucratic maze to find solutions. Additionally, the office has been involved in solving problems in the education community that effect certain populations of students.

Much work has been done in arena of drop-outs to decrease the numbers of students who do not graduate from high school. It was discovered through the work of this office that the Department of Education had policies in place that forced certain students to drop out of school before their graduation. New policies were written and literally hundreds of thousands of additional students are staying in school.

The Public Advocate's Office also does quality work in the area of special education. The experts here can help a parent to get all the services that the government provides to a child who qualifies for special education and help to maintain that child's progress through the system.

At the forefront of education advancements is vocational education. The Public Advocate's office helps educators to maintain current information on the business community's needs for vocational workers. By ensuring that the correct courses are taught and that students get the vocational education that they need, the business community and society as a whole benefit from a skilled workforce.

It is sometimes very difficult for parents to put their emotions aside and work efficiently to solve problems that involve their children. The Public Advocate's office has proven their dedication to students time and again by assisting parents with any problems they have with New York public schools.

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