If you are like most New Yorkers and most Americans, and are fed up with politics as usual, you are probably wondering why anyone would want to run for office, let alone an office most people in New York City have never even heard of.
Well, Grant has been active in Democratic politics for the last ten years. And in that time he has seen up close how dysfunctional our political system has become Ė and how out of touch it continues to be with the technological revolution that is fundamentally changing our society on a daily basis.

Itís just not in his nature to walk away from challenges. So he's tried to do something to fix the systemís flaws from the outside. He's advised elected officials, party leaders, and aspiring candidates. He's helped write policy proposals and organizational plans. He started an online magazine dedicated to promoting the use and understanding of technology in politics. But little has changed.

So he has decided to try to do something about from the inside, by becoming a candidate himself. The Public Advocateís office was a natural place to start. Thatís because he has already been a public advocate most of his life. And, just as importantly, the officeís ongoing invisibility is itself a perfect example of whatís wrong with our political system.
Here you have a unique opportunity to really connect citizens to their government and ensure their voices are heard ó an opportunity limited only by the imagination of the office holder. And yet after more than a dozen years of existence, most New Yorkers could not tell you what the Public Advocate is, let alone who it is at this moment.

It doesnít have to be that way. Over the next several months, he will be talking with New Yorkers about his vision for reinventing the Public Advocateís office and re-imagining its possibilities to better serve this amazing city. You can already get an initial sample of his ideas on this site, which heI will be building up and out in the days ahead.
But his hope isnít just to reinvent that one office, itís to begin to remake our politics. He want to prove all the conventional thinkers and professional cynics wrong and show with this campaign that people matter more than money, ideas matter more than influence, and technology can be a powerful engine of change.

How? For starters, by taking a whole new approach to building support for his campaign. He's going to limit all contributions to no more than $100, and not hold any fundraisers. Instead, he is going to hold ďfriend-raisersĒ as way to build a network of similarly civic-minded New Yorkers who are eager for change.

That way, people will know that there are no special interests pulling his strings and no special access is being granted to big donors. And instead of spending most of his time chasing money, He's going to be focused on listening to and learning from everyday residents of New York City. They are going to know right from the start that he will be an advocate for every single New Yorker.

Itís a pretty simple equation. For years we have been following the same process and getting the same results. He want to change the process so we can begin producing different results ó a more open, efficient, and accountable government and a more responsive, responsible, and vibrant democracy.

He hopes you will join him in this cause and in creating a new politics. And if you can, show your support by making a contribution today.
In the meantime, please share your comments and suggestions here, and help us reconnect New York and deliver on the promise of democracy in action. Thanks.

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