School Nutrition

Beyond new money, politicians must think about the health of students as well about the health of schools. Students must show up in class ready to learn, after having consumed a good breakfast, and must be offered a nutritious lunch during the class day. Additionally, like their counterparts in other school districts, New York students must be exposed to physical fitness programs and if possible made excited about exercising.


In the aftermath of 9/11, the City has worked to strengthen its emergency safety net. But serious holes remain in our preparedness and response systems.

Many believe we could go a long way toward fixing those remaining holes by developing a state-of-the-art citywide wireless communication system that could be used in the event of a terror attack or other major disaster.
This universal “Digital 911” system — which would be accessible practically anywhere in the City, including underground in the subways – would enable City officials, first responders, and New York’s citizens to exchange critical information in real time.

As an added benefit, a citywide Wi-Fi system would: enable firefighters to download a building blueprint on their way to a fire; enable subway riders to report crimes or threatening situations from underground; and dramatically improve the response times of fire, police and medical units.

Small Business

For years, and even under a supposedly pro-business administration, small businesses have been plagued by steep fees and fines for violating antiquated, hard to follow, and contradictory rules.

We believe these rules are sapping the strength of our strongest engine of job creation, and he pledges to undertake a comprehensive review of small business regulations and invite small businesses leaders to participate.

In addition, a plan for low-cost, high-speed Internet access will help make our small businesses more competitive, especially those in underserved areas. This will open whole neighborhoods to new kinds of business, while enabling other small businesses to access untapped markets, global customers, and low-cost suppliers.


The subways and buses are the central nervous system for our economy, culture, and communities. We need to ensure that New Yorkers, like citizens in other major cities, have real-time wireless information about the location, arrival times, departure times and service interruptions of buses, subways, trains, ferries and car traffic.

New Yorkers must also be able to communicate instantly with transit officials, police, and emergency personnel about emergencies and crime.

The Public Advocate needs to think in terms of bringing modern technology to improve transit efficiency and safety, instead of just issuing toothless reports and press releases hoping that the MTA will one day respond on its own.

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